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Reliability above all else

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

When thinking about an original Land Rover one of the first images conjured is one of reliability, closely followed by that traditional, analogue style. No matter how cool and sexy we make Oshe Adventure cars, reliability has always been the watchword for an off-road vehicle. The visual aspect is intrinsically linked to that sense of reliability. The nostalgia of a more solid vehicle. Back on the farm reliable trucks in good working order are a necessity. While here in the UK you might not need to worry about survival in the face of a breakdown, we still don’t intend that to be a concern.

To ensure reliability and the freedom our Adventure vehicles embody, what better than brand new F1 quality, because you don’t put your trust in a 40 year old wiring loom. That’s why we’ve opted for a brand new, custom loom, built to motorsport standards. The ultimate in reliability.

Our custom built, Raychem looms were chosen simply because we believe them to be the best. Minimising the space required in the chassis they allow us to make use of every square inch to ensure the highest quality, most luxurious Landy possible. They decrease the risk of any electrical short, therefore increasing the safety of the car. This is particularly important considering the multiple modern luxury additions we’ve made that happen to be electrical. We’ll say no more on that until the big reveal.

The reality of reliability isn’t enough for us. The visual appeal of a traditional style that invokes that sense of reliability really brings about that feeling of security. That’s why we’ve opted for that analogue feel in, for example, our dash clocks. Bringing our own style to the traditional with brand new, custom manufactured details that give you the charm of an older world reliability you could really believe in.

We are constantly striving for excellence. A key aspect of that is safety and reliability. This is just a peek under the hood at one of the many things that elevates Oshe Adventure from being just another 4x4. Engineering that not only lasts, but creates a special place in the heart.

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