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Elite Performance

Performance isn't
about fitting in,
it's about
standing out

Timelessly cool cars, well designed and exhilarating

It takes imagination to own a classic car, and we have it in spades. It's about well designed, understated elegance. Classically cool cars that create that visceral driving experience. Oshe Performance cars are all heart and soul for the true enthusiast. 

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Performance is about the love of driving, the feel of the car

Performance is exhilarating, that love of driving, the sound of the engine, the vibration of the drive train, those moments where you feel the surface of the road through your fingertips. 

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Unique, classic cars

We believe in hand crafting to perfection. Taking the heart of the classic car, that analogue feel, and introducing the best aspects of all eras to create a feel like no other. An outstanding design. 

GFRB Porche 911
Steering wheel and dashboard

Fun and ferocious, cars for the true enthusiast

Performance is about that ineffable quality, the sheer joy and fun of driving a truly unique car. The ferocity of the engine, the sense of euphoria on the perfect stretch of road as you push the capabilities of the car and yourself.

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Heart and soul for the true enthusiast

With an increasing digital disconnection created by the addition of more and more technology, Oshe Performance embraces the analogue feel. It's about the true, visceral driving experience. The feel of controlling the car, power under your fingertips. The roar of the engine, with all the comfort of heated seats. 

Tangerine Porche
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