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Ready for its close up: Inside Okavango

As our first official Land Rover, Okavango is our trail blazer. It shows just what we stand for and the importance we place on perfection in design and execution.

The front seat has been modified and reprofiled, not only with comfort in mind but while considering the aesthetic of the car. The beautiful side profile of Okavango is clean and consistent and the reprofiled seats don’t jar against that design. You can still see the sleek, smooth line whilst appreciating the sumptuous leather seats.

Also reprofiled to fit the clean, smooth design of the car; the back seats are constructed and fitted in a departure from the standard Land Rover style where the bench drops onto a frame. Okavango’s rear seats are fully covered so you can see the beautiful leather from every possible angle and enjoy the details of the exceptional craftsmanship.

We chose the best materials to ensure a quality visual appearance and longevity. Embracing a truly luxurious feel whilst still keeping the heart of what makes Okavango an old-world Land Rover.

Every appropriate surface is covered in matching leather to elevate the more humdrum plastics into a sumptuous, breathtakingly beautiful place to go for a drive. Even the carpets are leather trimmed to match the seats. We’ve considered all the details.

The custom wood steering wheel and transfer gearbox knob fit the design and feel of the car, tying in nicely with the touches of cedar wood throughout. These tiny touches and the unique style and flair make Okavango something truly special.

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