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The devil is in the details

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

One of the aspects that really makes our Landy’s special is the clean lines. You won’t find this smooth, sleek body work anywhere else. We have redesigned an icon, focusing on the fine details and features to make it really sing.

The original front wing detailing was altered in the 1960s to be 3 separate pieces of panelling. It had become too expensive to form as one piece and the 3 pieces were much easier to assemble and service.

Craftsmanship was sacrificed for volume, we’ve taken the Landy back to its roots in craftmanship, by streamlining the front wing into a single, smooth and clean piece, without the vents and inserts that came with the move from Series 3 to Defender.

We didn’t stop there. Our style is fast and clean. Which means that the body needed more attention, more of our style.

The rivets and spot welds on the Landy aren’t what we want. You can see here on the very first Oshe Adventure vehicle, the Land Rover 90, that we have worked on smoothing out the bodywork, deleting the rivets, aluminium welding the panels and linishing the panels to create the beautiful finishing that simply wasn’t practical when it was originally built.

There are more subtle improvements that we've made to the body, to the front and the back, but you will have to wait to see those.

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