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Ultimate Adventure

Oshe Adventure 
is freedom

Practical and beautiful, a car for every situation

Adventure means freedom, the freedom to pick up and go at a moments notice. To put on a suit and attend a formal event or throw your gear in the back and head off-road. Adventure means you're always on the precipice of a cool story, all you need to do is begin. 

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Carefully thought out,
lovingly updated
works of art

Urban sprawl or tackling the rough stuff, our Adventure cars can do it all. Powered by a Chevrolet LT1 engine blended with an eight-speed gearbox, the Oshe Adventure car delivers all the off-road ability you'd expect of a Land Rover Defender, but with the comfort and on-road refinement of a much newer car.

Oshe off-white logo
Oshe upholstery fabric displayed on Zambezi Green Land Rover Defender

Practical and sophisticated

There may not be much call for bush bars in an urban landscape but Oshe Adventure isn't just about tackling the rough stuff. This is about elegance in a car that can handle anything you throw at it. 

The best adventures just happen

Adventure isn't about off-road planning, it means being in the right car for the moment. Driving a car that you never have to second guess and will always get you to your destination. 

Car chassis displayed in Oshe workshop

Register your interest

If it sounds like the Oshe attitude to adventure is for you and you want to know more please let us know.

Thank you. We will be in touch

Life is unpredictable, the best adventures aren't planned

You never know when you're starting an adventure. You only know you've had one when it ends. Oshe Adventure ensures that the car won't detract from the adventure, it will enhance it. 

Zambezi green Land Rover Defender alloy

Our Projects

This is Adventure with the Oshe attitude. These are our interpretations of a modern, luxurious vehicle that can go anywhere, even if you choose not to.


Safari spec based on the Defender 90 chassis, powered by a 3.5 litre V8.

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