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The joy of true craftsmanship

The creation of driveable art

Expertise, respect and passion

Oshe is the embodiment of the passion we have for well-designed, beautiful, yet practical cars. This infectious passion and drive has drawn some of the best in the business to our workshop. All the team at Oshe are experts in their field, with genuine appreciation for what every member contributes. There are no egos here. The focus is the perfect design of the car, infused with the joy and fun that is at the heart of everything we do. 

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Our culture

What makes Oshe so special is not just the skill of our team, but the respect we have for each others skills. Every member of the team has an area of expertise. We have no individual egos here, no competitive attitudes. Instead we work together to achieve perfection, admiring each others work and encouraging each other to reach new plateaus.

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Focused on the distinctive details that create luxurious and engaging cars

Oshe cars are handcrafted with a focus on the fine detail. We take the best aspects of all eras and put them into a classic design to make a car which is best of breed and unique. We work, not just alongside each other, but together. Controlling all aspects to streamline the process and ensure quality. 

Oshe Zero2

A very classic look, the wide body, the Fuchs, the ducktail, the 70s style pastel paintwork and the luscious tan interior. It doesn't stop there though, with a bit more power and chassis upgrades to make the go match the show.

Oshe Zero5

Aubergine has never looked better, accentuating the flowing curves of the 911, highlighting the delicate poise that the world has come to know and love.

Oshe Zero6

Who can argue with the beautiful simplicity of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA. Not only a head turner, the upgraded and lightened suspension helped turn this old family runaround into a spectacularly engaging car to drive.