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Our Story

Our past and present stems from our heritage in Southern Africa.

Passion, soul, and a lot of fun

Oshe Automotive is the culmination of a lifelong passion for designing, building and racing classic cars and bikes. Born in South Africa, David grew up on a game reserve; learning and blending his love for nature with a passion for Willy's Jeeps, Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers. His spirit of adventure would take him around the world, before settling in the UK, where he discovered another passion: Porsche.

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Home is where your Landy is

There are few essentials on the family farm at Limpopo River, the most important being reliable trucks. It is safe to say that keeping them in good order is a necessity.


The last thing you want to do is breakdown; if the heat doesn't get you, the wildlife might. 

Land Rover Defender infront of sunset

Everything has to start somewhere

Where it all started, the Willy's Jeep. On game farms and national parks, the only way of getting around was a rugged four wheel drive. Enter Land Rover and the CJ2A Jeep.

The first rebuild that started an obsession.

Family standing in and around Willy's Jeep in Africa

Bring the noise

A reverence for heritage and a love of thunderous cars brought about our name; Oshe, from the African God of Thunder.

Oshe mask hanging on wall in office

Some things never change

Spring 2023, on the farm by the Limpopo river, taking a short break after 60 years of service. The personification of endurance, the inspiration that created a passion.

Engineering that not only lasts, but creates a special place in the heart.

Land Rover in a field in Africa

Constantly striving for excellence

The creative ethos at the heart of Oshe is about being fast, smooth and the best that we feel a car can be.


The design details elevate the cars from being just another, while the engineering and component decisions create something that is simply phenomenal.

Aubergeine Porche engine

That addictive, intoxicating feeling

Everyone has their own definition of 'best' and for us, it isn't numbers, it's a feeling.

No matter what the vehicle, we want to ignite the senses. We want you to feel that excitement that only comes with the sounds, smells and sensations of a luxuriously engaging classic.

GFRB Porche through window

Passion is at the heart of everything we do

Our love for Porsche comes from the feeling that they offer something for everyone, no matter what your taste. We wanted to take this classic everyman concept and elevate the design while keeping the heart and soul of the original. Smooth, refined and clean but without engineering out any of the classic elements that make the car the epitome of cool. 

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