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Oshe Okavango

Exceptional, uncompromising, timeless and unique

Integrity, authenticity and capability

The Okavango is a Safari Spec, based on the Defender 90 chassis

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Redesigning an icon

Okavango takes all the aspects we love about Land Rovers and elevates them.


Hand built, its unique design retains off-road capabilities whilst providing modern comfort, usability and exceptional craftsmanship. Okavango is elegant and sophisticated whilst also being able to tackle the rough stuff.


This isn't a mass produced car, it's the epitome of Oshe style.


Everything on Okavango stems from a laser focused attention to detail. That includes the stunning interior. Custom made, Muirhead Marula Red leather with anthracite contrast stitching. Tailored German square weave carpet, elevated with the matching leather trim.


Rugged but beautiful textures that stem from our uncompromisingly luxurious style. 


Bringing Oshe style to the traditional

The smallest details can have the biggest impact. The typewriter keys on the gearbox, a nod to the previous owner of the vehicle, who was a journalist. Even the analogue look of our dash clocks which, despite the modern tech, are true to the classic style of the old Land Rover. 


The tangible, traditional style creates a timeless beauty. A character filled yet thoroughly modern car.

Absence of the unnecessary

You won’t find this smooth, sleek body work anywhere else. The streamlined front wings, shorn of the unnecessary, harking back to the clean curves and straight lines of the early Land Rovers.

By deleting rivets, aluminium welding and linishing the panels, we’ve created a beautiful finish. One that you won't find on any other version of a Land Rover. 

Okavango’s body is the epitome of our fast and clean style.



Whether it's the custom interior, refitted to allow for more room or the exquisite African Acacia wood console, we've considered all the details.


Those tiny touches that make all the difference to your experience. With re-profiled, heated seats, air con, heated mirrors and windscreen, and a Burmester audio system, the Okavango oozes elegance and luxury.  


Passion, soul and the spirit of adventure. Our South African heritage is at the heart of all we do. It has moulded our reverence for Land Rovers and created our love for thunderous cars. We bring a touch of our heritage to every vehicle.

Our heritage inspires us. Whether it's a piece of South African artwork built in to the dash or the African Acacia wood we've used in the centre console or even the colour of the leather, named after the Marula flower. Our heritage is part of our story.

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