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The epitome of cool

Oshe cars are hand crafted, drivable art

These aren't simply restorations, they are enhanced, detail-oriented cars

We create rare, beautiful cars; driveable art for the real enthusiasts. With a passion for engineering and design purity, our ethos is centred on keeping the timeless heart and soul of our cars intact whilst embracing the trappings of modern life that create exceptional and comfortable cars.

Flying bird
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A labour of love. We have designed out the compromise

We don't believe in numbers cars. For us the devil is in the detail, and we are uncompromising in our approach. Every design begins at bare metal. Stripped back to the beginning and restored, enhanced and imbued with that ineffable sense of cool.

Oshe off-white logo
Bespoke red AP Racing and Oshe break disk and pad

Classic cars with all the comfort of modernity

We take an iconic design, such as the Land Rover Defender or Porsche 911, and carefully enhance, tweak and hone it to perfection, imagining a different path to the designs currently on sale. We develop an alternative reality for these cars that bring them bang up to date without sacrificing their classic nature.

Absence of the unnecessary

The robotic assembly of cars has taken the joy and aesthetics out of modern cars. Production line vehicles full of unnecessary detail to make it easier for the machines to put them together. Oshe cars are lovingly crafted with no unnecessary extras. They are elegant, clean lined and sophisticated.

Aubergine Porche 911

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Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

Classic cars don't have to be about compromising reliability, comfort and usability. Oshe Automotive's engineering solutions mean you can focus on one thing: the drive. 

Simplicity in form, excellence in engineering

Oshe Automotive is the culmination of a lifelong passion for designing, building and racing classic cars and bikes. Born in South Africa, David grew up on a game reserve learning and blending his love for nature with a passion for Willys Jeeps, Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers. His spirit of adventure would take him around the world, before settling in the UK, where he discovered another passion: Porsche. 

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