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Welcome to Oshe

Who is Oshe Automotive?

Our philosophy is the absence of the unnecessary, cars with real soul, designed to give you that visceral feeling and crafted to be drivable art. Creating that ineffable quality that is, quite simply, the epitome of cool.

We believe in taking the best of the old and designing out the compromise. Clean, efficient and sleek, limited edition classic cars. The devil is in the detail and we are uncompromising in our approach to design. These aren’t numbers cars, they’re a labour of love for the real car enthusiast. Stripped back to bare metal and started fresh with care and attention.

We view our cars in one of two ways, Adventure or Performance.

Adventure is “a reckless or potentially hazardous action or enterprise”

A rather apt description for a car enthusiast, who spent their formative years on a game reserve in South Africa, taking their love of a car which represented livelihood and necessity, and upgrading it to be an elite, exclusive vehicle.

To us Adventure means freedom. The freedom to pick up and go at a moment’s notice, but also be comfortable while doing it. David restored his first cars, a Willy’s Jeep and Series 2 Land Rovers, with his dad, brother and uncle. Making them work for them in a hostile environment, with the additions of roll bars, gun racks and bush bars. Bringing that into the present, there’s not much call for bush bars in an urban landscape. But there is a need for a practical vehicle which is also elegant and sophisticated yet can tackle the rough stuff as well.

These aren’t mass-produced appliance cars. They’re classics, lovingly updated and ready for today. An Oshe Adventure car doesn’t just function as intended, it’s luxurious, comfortable, and contemporary, suitable for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re popping to the farm shop, doing the school run, or driving the bride to the church, it moves effortlessly from one scenario to another, the classiest of classless vehicles.

Life is unpredictable but in an Oshe Adventure car you can be sure you’re prepared.

Performance isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out, being the best in your class

It takes imagination to own a classic car, and we have it in spades. This isn’t about being the loudest or fastest numbers car, it’s about understated elegance, well designed, engaging and timeless.

Oshe Performance is classically cool. The robotic assembly of cars has taken the joy and the aesthetics out of modern cars. We want to strip that back and this is where Oshe Performance comes from. We believe in handcrafting, using the personal touch to ensure every fine detail is perfect. We keep the analogue feel while introducing the best aspects of all eras to create a feel like no other, an outstanding design. There are no unnecessary features.

Performance is exhilarating, the love of driving, the sound of the engine, the vibration of the drive train, that moment when you feel the surface of the road through your fingertips. As modern cars embrace more and more technology, they’re creating an increasing digital disconnection. Oshe Performance brings back that analogue, true visceral driving experience. Taking that feeling of freedom when you first passed your test, the thrill when you first dared to put your foot to the floor and the euphoria when you stitch together the series of perfect corners, understanding the control you can have over your car and cementing it in a memorable driving experience.

Oshe Performance cars are all heart and soul for the true enthusiast.

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