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Big brakes for a big Landy

AP Racing calliper and Oshe brake disc

For us, detail-oriented isn’t just a phrase or a buzzword, it’s a value we adhere to. Our cars are a labour of love, so if you’re interested in understanding everything that makes them alluring, read on.

We enhance our restorations using parts we believe are the best for the car. Here that means AP Racing 4 pot callipers and floating discs.

Why is this special? Well, our British made, 330mm brake discs are a 2-piece construction, the aluminium bell and vented rotors are of a motorsport standard. That means they maximise thermal capacity, in short, they are capable of operating under top level motorsport conditions and are perfect for bringing our enhanced Land Rover Defender to a controlled stop.

Oshe logo on brake disc

Our philosophy of “absence of the unnecessary” is on display everywhere with our vehicles, even down to the brake system. We believe more isn’t always more. Our callipers are a great example of that. For our Landy we opted for the smaller and lighter 4 pot callipers over the 6 pot. Why? While a Landy isn’t lightweight, using a 4 pot calliper contributes to reducing the unsprung weight of the car, that is irrelevant in this case. The 4 pistons provide ample braking, whereas, using a 6 piston calliper is far more likely to result in locking. See? Bigger isn’t always better!

Oshe brake disc on crumpled brown paper

We don’t stop there, for those of you who love even more technical car nerdery; rather than a traditional, more easily damaged, rubber based brake hoses that can deform under pressure, we have opted for flexible braided stainless steel. Longevity, flexibility, and just that bit sexier.

Man fixing brake disc to car

When it comes to the build, reliability is a key aspect of making a top of the range car. To create the highest quality vehicle, you have to use the highest spec parts, but they have to be the parts that are best suited to the vehicle and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

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